Thursday, May 3, 2012

RDP Assistant v1.0

Program Name:     RDP Assistant
Program Version:  v1.0
Language:              PowerShell v2.0

This tool was developed for people who need to RDP frequently in their jobs.  The tool is nothing more than a quick way to execute multiple RDP windows simultaneously.  You can add computers individually by hostname and domain or by using an Active Directory distinguishedName value to an OU/Container that has computer objects in it.


You need to update all domain controllers in all domains you manage [assumes you have all servers loaded in the list]:
  1. Use your system naming nomenclature to filter the list of servers to only domain controllers (e.g. "dc").
  2. Select all objects.
  3. Hit, "Go".
This will open RDP windows to all of the selected hosts.

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